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Why are nose hairs important?

Talking about ‘nose hairs‘, many people may feel disgusted and have to rush to remove it by means of shaving, plucking, waxing, or laser. But in reality, nature did not create hair to get rid of it. But it has duties and benefits that we

Sunflower Nutritional Value And Health Benefits

Sunflowers are yellow-flowered plants that are not just beautiful. But sunflower seeds and sunflower oil are also rich in nutrients. And it is believed that it may have health benefits, such as reducing cholesterol levels. Lower blood pressure Relieves bacterial infections Treat foot fungal infections,

Spurs 3 – Crystal Palace 1

Spurs turned the situation around from behind. It took from the 77th minute to score 3 goals in total to beat Crystal Palace 3-1 in English Premier League football. This match was an awkward affair, with Palace having early moments from Jordan Ayew, Adam Wharton and

Physical activity what is it?

Physical activity what is it? Physical activity means moving the body in various postures that use the skeletal muscles before being used. and burns the body’s energy. Report from 1. Physical activities at work  covering various work, whether paid or unpaid. Education/training, housework, household

5 (not) secret tips for taking care nails

5 (not) secret tips for taking care nails How to prevent it from being fragile and easily torn and broken? “Women never stop being beautiful” Although painting or painting nails helps enhance girls’ personalities. It looks beautiful and outstanding. It is also the main factor that