Paracetamol and alcohol, a dangerous ingredient that you may not have thought of

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Paracetamol and alcohol, a dangerous ingredient that you may not have thought of

Paracetamol is an over-the-counter drug. Use to relieve fever and pain. Ingredient in many painkillers and cough syrups. Consider very safe. If use as directe, but with paracetamol and alcohol, paracetamol can dangerous in ways you might not expect at ทางเข้า ufabet

Paracetamol with alcohol

Although paracetamol is considered safe for general use. But it may dangerous for those who are addicted to alcohol. or those who regularly drink alcohol concomitant use of alcohol and paracetamol Puts you at risk for overdose. Even if you take the medication as recommended, many pharmaceutical companies urge consumers to who drink more than two drinks per day should consult with a doctor Before using paracetamol

liver failure due to a reaction to alcohol

When paracetamol is used together with alcohol It can lead to serious complications. one of them is alcohol-acetaminophen syndrome (alcohol-acetaminophen syndrome), which, if not treated promptly. This condition can lead to acute liver failure. What happened in this case was The body releases a protein called transaminase to help stimulate liver metabolism. 

People with alcohol-acetaminophen syndrome There is a high level of transaminase. makes the liver work more to metabolize acetaminophen and alcohol Working this hard is too much for the liver to handle. Toxic enzymes are released. Alcohol-acetaminophen syndrome. Which accelerates the metabolic rate of alcohol. It is equal to accelerating the release of toxins as well. and when this toxin accumulates in the liver It will lead to liver toxicity. and in the end It will cause liver failure. and damage

So is there anything else that should be kept in mind?

Before us You should be mindful of the amount of alcohol consumed. and the condition of your liver as well People who drink alcohol for a long time even drinking in moderation It may be the amount of glutathione. (glutathione) in the body is not enough. Which this glutathione It is an enzyme that is responsible for detoxification. The amount of glutathione decreased This increases the risk of liver problems. Even with a small dose of paracetamol.

 The interaction of alcohol with depending on age, weight and healthof drug users as well It usually takes up to 5 days for the liver to get rid of the alcohol completely. and takes more time To eliminate paracetamol, it is therefore best to wait at least five days after drinking alcohol. Before taking paracetamol. You should also wait at least a week. 

After you use before returning to drinking alcohol again long-term alcohol drinkers should refrain from alcoholic beverages. If you want to take or consider using other drugs. Should not be use. for the treatment of headaches derived from alcoholic beverages or a hangover. If you have alcohol or liver problems. Always consult a doctor Before To avoid these dangerous complications