What types of online baccarat games are there to choose?

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On the best baccarat games website, besides having all the popular table games like poker , roulette and blackjack. Sub-genres should be presented. For players to use as an alternative and add more color to gambling especially online baccarat games. Which is a game that is highly popular all over the world. And has been develop to create challenges for players in a variety of formats as follows.

Types of live baccarat games online

Players can find different types of online baccarat played live. with a variety of live dealers Each type of sub-game will maintain the same playing principle.UFABET Only online casinos have added a small feature. for you to have fun without being monotonous.

Chemin de Fer

Baccarat Chemin de Fer also known as Shimmy or Chernay (France), has the same rules for dealing cards. And counting points as Punto Banco with the difference being. That it uses 6 decks of cards and can play up to 8-12 people per eye. Being the dealer depends on the sitting position and willingness to take risks.


This game follows the same standard rules and gameplay as Punto Banco. The only important difference. It is a type of side bet that can be bet. There are more bets that can be place. And this makes you participate in the chance to win the big jackpot.