Luis Diaz unfortunately collapsed his knee.

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Liverpool attacker Luis Diaz unfortunately collapsed his knee after attending a mini-camp in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. And has now been sent back to AXA Training Center HQ for follow up progress.

The Colombian winger suffered a knee injury in a 2-3 defeat to Arsenal on October. It ‘s good that it’s not serious to the anterior cruciate ligament ( ACL ). A disc herniation problem. The recovery time frame is three months long.  

Luis Diaz tried to recover in a better way. Until having a name to join the camp in the Middle East But in just a few days. The condition collapsed missing Thursday and Friday rehearsals. Until of course, missing the game Dubai  Super Cup meets Olympic Lyon on Sunday ( December 11 ) UFABET

“ The fitness of all is good. when the kids got here. ” team manager Jurgen Klopp told the official website .  

“ But the bad thing is that seeing the ‘ Lucho ‘ condition he felt something. And we need to assess this symptom. ”

“ Other than that, it all looks pretty good. ”   

Further reports from ‘ The Athletic FC ‘ that the 25 – year-old star is on his way back to Merseyside. to examine thoroughly In the opposite direction. The comrades are still sweating in the UAE because there is another duel AC Milan game ( December 16 ) .