Croatia defeats Brazil.

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Croatia defeated favorites Brazil 4-2 on penalties after drawing 0-0 after 90 minutes. And 1-1 in the 120th minute to surprise in football World Cup quarter-finals.

(Drew 1-1 after extra time, Croatia won 4-2)

Stadium: Education City Stadium, Al Rayyan, Qatar

After 5 minutes of the start of the game. Brazil had a chance to win first when Vinicius cut from the left side to the front of the penalty area and spun with his right foot. But the ball went straight to Dominic Liwakovich, able to handle it, no problem.

Croatia made a terrifying comeback in the 13th minute. Josip Juranovic pulled up before passing right for Mario Pasalic to open the middle immediately. Ivan Perisic inserted a shot. But hitting the ball is very thin causing the ball to not be in the frame

In the 20th minute. Brazil had a chance when Richarlison made a one-two pass for Vinicius to shoot to block Yosco Guardiol and in a continuous rhythm. Neymar pulled into the area. Penalty on the left before finding a right-footed shot. But the ball went straight to Livakovic.

In the 30th minute. Croatia’s chance to counter-attack Juranovic threw a cross to the left for Ivan Perisic to drag. And shoot from the right corner of the penalty area. But the ball went over the crossbar far.

Brazil came to have a chance to win from a free kick plus a corner on the left side of the penalty area in the 40th minute. Neymar spun to slightly ricochet the wall. But it’s good that the ball doesn’t change a lot. So Livakovic can accept it.UFABET 

The first half is still tied at 0-0.

In the second half.

Brazil went ahead and attacked hard. In the 55th minute. Richarlison made a pass through the hole for Neymar to slip into the left box and shoot with a narrow left foot. But Livakovic still closed the corner well can be saved later.

In the 66th minute, it was another golden opportunity for Brazil when the ball that opened into the penalty area. The Croatian centre-back pair, lost the rhythm and went to Lucas Paqueta with his left foot in front of the goal. But Livakovic did. Still frightened, came out to close the corner quickly, brushed it away

Brazil were delighted again when Richarlison sent Neymar through to the left side of the penalty area and flicked in a narrow angle, but Livakovic managed to close the corner as quickly as before.

After that, the two teams still couldn’t do anything at the end of 90 minutes, drawing 0-0, requiring extra time. And this was the second game in a row that Croatia had to go through extra time.

In extra time.

Croatia had a good chance in the 103rd minute when Bruno Petkovic broke through the two Brazilian defensive lines into the penalty area on the left before tapping on two other players and rolling back to Marcelo Broso. Wich fired from his right from 18 yards, but the ball frustratingly crossed the crossbar.

Minute 105 + 1 became Brazil, who came out 1-0 when Neymar got the ball in the middle of the field, doing one of Rodrygo Goes before making a one-two against Lucas Pake. Ta, and the PSG spearhead ran through Borna Sosa to tap and dodge Livakovic on the right before shooting a narrow angle into the goal.

However, Croatia did not give up and came to a 1-1 draw in the 117th minute from a counter-attack, Mislav Orsic dribbled into the penalty area on the left and then passed through the center for Bruno Petkovic to flick the left. Went to ricochet Marquinhos through Alisong’s hand, plugged into the door.

120+2 minutes, Brazil almost released a knockout punch. From a free kick on the right The ball was headed into the left area of ​​the penalty area, Casemiro had a shot, but Livakovic still managed to make another super save.

At the end of 120 minutes.

Croatia drew 1-1 with Brazil, had to go to the penalty spot to decide.

Croatia’s first was Nikola Vlasic, who didn’t miss a shot in the middle of the goal, with Alisson darting to his right. The checkered team leads 1-0.

Brazil’s first, Rodrigo Goes, ran to shoot to his right hand, but Livakovic guessed, was thrown, brushed his hands full.

Croatia’s second, Lovro Mayer, scored from midfield to give Croatia a 2-0 lead.

Brazil’s second, Casemiro smashed his left hand into the corner of the goal, even though Livakovic was headed in the right direction. The Samba army chased 1-2.

Croatia’s third was Luka Modric, who fired in to his left, with Alisson heading in the other direction to make it 3-1.

Brazil’s third, Pedro, a substitute striker, fired a soft shot into the middle of the goal to make it 2-3.

Croatia’s fourth, Mislav Orcic, shoots to the left and squeezes into the post, although Alisson hits the right way for Croatia to escape 4-2.

Brazil’s fourth, if not entered, will lose immediately, Marquinhos hits the post, so the game ends immediately.

Croatia knocked out Brazil in the quarter-finals by winning 4-2 on penalties after drawing 0-0 after 90 minutes and 1-1 after 120 minutes Holland.