Araujo opens up for the first time since World Cup drama.

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Uruguay’s 23-year-old defender Ronald Araujo will miss a single minute of the 2022 football World Cup due to his lack of fitness.

Barcelona’s 23-year-old defender Ronald Araujo has revealed. To the press for the first time since the club fell out with the Uruguayan Football Federation during the 2022 World Cup. Before the brutal team quit the tournament. Mention since the group stage. According to a report from ‘Diario Sport’ on Friday. 

Barcelona agree to let Araujo travel to Qatar with Uruguay national team Under the condition that players only have to be 100 percent physical to take on the pitch. The 23-year-old has been trying to get fit during that time. But is still not good enough to return to the pitch. He therefore did not participate in the tournament for even a minute before Uruguay sailed from the first round. In which the player revealed that he understood the goodwill of the agency that did not want to be injured again UFABET  

‘Obviously, Barca didn’t want me to rush back into the game. But they tried to help me make an appearance. (in the World Cup) within the deadline. We all know I have the opportunity to play and we try to get there.’ 

‘The situation is quite stressful. And I try to speed up my recovery and be ready for the next game. But unfortunately it didn’t happen.’ said Araujo.

Araujo will return to Spain to focus on his full recovery in preparation for the restart of the season against Espanyol at the end of December.